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DKNY Stories launch

For the launch of this new fragrance we created a range of permanent and temporary card FSDU’s, CTU’s and airside units. Without compromising on quality or structural integrity we value engineered all the units to fit the client budget, saving them c.£50k in the process.

In total we produced 11 unit variants in 3 months, all design developed and manufactured in-house using bespoke material finishes, which were consistent over the whole launch despite the different retailers and locations. The real challenge was protecting the delicate pink tints - key to the brand identity - without them discolouring or being affected by the perfume testers.

• Boots TOD 585 units in 7 days

• 270 FSUs built in 21 days

• 850 CTUs in 154 days

• 45 Airside CTUs


UK and Airports

Displays for DKNY by RDD Europe

RDD Case Study - DKNY Stories 1pg
Download PDF • 365KB

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