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Foyer Displays for National Grid

In 2017 we designed, developed, manufactured, and installed a moving grid of panels as a temporary piece of experiential interaction. The difficulty of this job was the four-hour window of installation allocated to us by the client, as the parts had to be shipped in component form and assembled quickly on site. Our solution was to use a series of thrust bearings which were threaded onto a steel bar. Each bearing assembly was wound down the bar and locked before the printed graphic was lowered into place. Repeat 25 times and there you have it; a spinning wall in under 4 hours.

In 2023 this display, along with the complimentary light boxes we also created, is still going strong in the foyer.


National Grid, UK

Displays for National Grid by RDD Europe

RDD Case Study - National Grid 1pg
Download PDF • 330KB

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